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CMG Fall Vaccine Bulletin 10.29.2023

October 29, 2023

Moderna Vaccine For Young Children Now Fully In Stock

Viral Activity in the CMG Community

RSV Shots Available for Newborns/Infants Under 8 Months

CMG Saturday Vaccine Clinics Booked; Weekday Appointments Available

Moderna Vaccine For Young Children Now Fully In Stock

CMG now has a full supply of both Moderna and Pfizer Covid vaccines for all ages. Either vaccine is fine for any patient, though for children under age 5 who have previously received at least one dose of vaccine, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends sticking with the same vaccine brand initially administered if that brand is available.

Covid vaccine is available along with flu vaccine at our Saturday drive-through clinics and in the office during the week. Appointments can be made here. Covid and flu vaccines can be given together or separately – either way is fine. Please fill out one copy of this form before for each patient receiving Covid vaccine before coming to the office.

CMG recommends the updated Covid vaccine for everyone age 6 months and up. For those who have recently had Covid, we recommend waiting 3-4 months before getting the new vaccine.

Viral Activity in the CMG Community

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) cases increased slightly in the CMG community this week. CMG recorded 54 positive RSV tests this week, up from 36 last week and 51 the week prior. Covid and Flu activity remains low by comparison.

RSV Shots for Newborns/Infants Under 8 Months

CMG currently has a good supply of the RSV antibody injection Beyfortus for children 7 months of age and younger. Children 8 months and older are not eligible for the vaccine, unless they have congenital heart disease or severe chronic lung disease. Asthma does not qualify a child 8 months or older for the injection. Please call the office if you would like to set up an appointment for Beyfortus. CMG recommends it for all eligible children.

The RSV shots can be given along with other regularly scheduled vaccines and will be available at well visits. RSV shots will not be available at our Saturday drive-up vaccine clinics, as the babies must be weighed to determine the proper dose of injection.

CMG Saturday Vaccine Clinics Booked; Weekday Appointments Available

Our Saturday vaccine clinics are ongoing through November 11th in the P1 underground parking level of our building, but are now almost entirely booked. If you have an appointment you no longer need, please cancel so another patient can use that slot. We will continue to offer in-office vaccine appointment slots weekdays through the fall. Appointments can be made here.

At our Saturday and weekday vaccine appointments, patients may receive flu vaccine, Covid vaccine, or both. For those receiving Covid vaccine, please fill out one copy of this form for each patient.

For the Saturday drive-up clinics: the entrance to the P1 parking level is roughly 100 yards down Chevy Chase Lake Drive off Connecticut Ave. Signs will be posted. Families will be directed where to park, have their appointments confirmed, fill out a simple form, receive their vaccines, and drive away. Flu and Covid vaccines are recommended for all patients age 6 months and up.

Patients and parents/caregivers coming to the office for a scheduled appointment with a provider, such as a well visit or a non-acute sick visit, will be able to receive flu and Covid vaccines at that time if they wish. The exception is during our early morning “Before Hours” walk-in hour for sick children – we do not have enough nursing staff during Before Hours to administer vaccines.

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