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About Capitol Medical Group

Capitol Medical Group (CMG) has been providing care to patients from birth to twenty-one years of age in the Washington DC area since 1987.  It is a privilege and honor for us to participate in the care of your children and to watch them grow.  Our team of providers is committed to delivering comprehensive medical care with the latest medical knowledge available.  Capitol Medical Group is made up of seven board-certified pediatricians, one pediatric nurse practitioner, one certified lactation consultant, and approximately 20 nursing and medical support staff.  


At Capitol Medical Group, we are proud to offer some of the broadest and most varied collection of pediatric experience and knowledge in the Washington area.  We pride ourselves in providing state of the art medical care with a sensitivity to the cultural uniqueness of our families.  We look forward to developing a long lasting relationship with you and your family and to helping your children grow into healthy happy adults.


Flu clinic

Flu vaccine delivery has been sporadic again this year. Flu mist in particular has been very slow to arrive. We will be getting more flu mist, but don't know exactly when. For the time being we are have a low supply of flu mist that we will be scheduling on a first come, first serve basis. Please call to make an appointment.We will be having a flu clinic on the following date:


1. Monday November 30th 2:00 pm-5:45 pm

2. Thursday December 3rd 8:30 am- 5:00 pm


We will be adding more days as vaccine arrives. please check back here for updates. Until more flu vaccine arrives, we will only be offering the vaccine to the children, not parents/caregivers.


 CMG Before Hours starts July 1!

We are very pleased to introduce Before Hours, a new service at CMG. Starting  July 1, the office will open at 7 a.m. on weekdays to allow sick children to be seen without an appointment. Children arriving between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. will be evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Before Hours will enable parents to have their sick children examined early in the morning, so that decisions about school and work can be made as quickly as possible. Knowing that children can be seen early should be of some comfort through the night and make planning for the next day a bit easier. We also hope that this service will help avoid nighttime trips to urgent care facilities, where pediatric evaluation and management can be spotty.

Before Hours is intended for relatively simple, acute symptoms such as fever, ear pain, sore throat, cough, pink eye and the like. The doctor will be moving quickly from patient to patient in order to attend to families as expeditiously as possible. Before Hours is not meant for evaluation of chronic conditions, which often take longer to properly evaluate. We ask that regular appointments be made for longer standing issues and regular checkups. Early morning will not be the only time to have sick children seen. We will of course continue to offer same-day sick appointments throughout the day, every day.

Initially, we will have one doctor—usually Dr. Finkelstein—covering Before Hours.  If it proves to be a popular service, we will add to our capacity come fall. 

Please spread the word about our new service. We hope you have a healthy summer, but if you should need us, come see us Before Hours!

Note: Our phone lines do not turn on until 8:30 am. You do not need an appointment for the before hours. Walk-ins are welcomed between 7am or 8am for sick children only.


  CMG Joins PMG, Goes Electronic!

It is with great excitement that we announce CMG has chosen to affiliate with Privia Medical Group, a group that includes many of the best physicians in our area.  Through our affiliation with Privia, we will be able to make some great improvements to our practice in the coming months.  These will include:

~Electronic Medical Records.  As of 1/27/15, we will be going electronic!  We will be using an EMR system called Athenahealth, one of the best electronic medical record systems on the market.  This will slow us down a bit at first as we get used to the new system (please be patient with us!), but will provide many benefits in the coming years.


  • ~Online Appointment Scheduling. In the coming months we expect to go live with online appointment scheduling via our new patient portal. Ear pain and fever at midnight?  No more waiting for the phones to turn on in the morning - just go online and book your appointment!  More info to follow.


  • ~Nursing Advice by Email.  Our fabulous nurses will still give advice over the phone, but if you’d prefer to send an email for any non-urgent questions/issues, feel free to do so!  They can be contacted through the patient portal.


  • ~E-prescribing.  No more carrying a paper prescription to the pharmacy.  Prescriptions will be sent electronically to the pharmacy of your choice, decreasing wait time once you get there.


  • ~Online Vaccine Record and Lab Results.  Need to know when your child’s last tetanus was? Soon that information will be at your fingertips through the online patient portal.


  • ~Online Bill Pay.  Who wants to write a check these days?  Sign in through the patient portal and pay invoices by credit card at your convenience day or night.  Fast, secure, simple.


  • ~Online Prescription Refill Requests.  Running out of medicine?  Request a refill in a few easy clicks.

  • We are hoping this new suite of services will create a smoother, more streamlined experience for our patients and families.  We can’t wait to get started!